Mulberry Double Binder in Black

I am absolutely and utterly thrilled about this one!

These binders are very rare, so you hardly ever see them for sale. I got my brown one through Ena who was wonderful and bought it for me in Germany. The black one was a bit of a fluke. It appeared for sale in one of the sales groups. I was interested but two people I know were keen on it, so I didn’t put in an offer and hoped one of them would get it.

The buyer received it and did not gel with the size so decided to sell it. This time I expressed interest and I was – surprisingly – first in line. It arrived in just a few days from the UK and I am ecstatic! Absolutely thrilled!

Abigail was wonderful to deal with. Contacted me immediately and kept in touch all the way about the progress of the transaction. I couldn’t be happier!

This model of binder is unique in that it consists of 2 x 23mm sets of rings forming a double binder, rather than a duplex. It is also Mulberry Agenda size, which is A6-ish.

Because it is so thick, it is not the kind of binder you could easily slip into a pocket or bag. The brick-like shape means it takes up a lot more space than even an A5. It is not difficult to use though because you quickly learn which side of the binder you need and you look for the Mulberry tree logo or lack thereof to orient yourself.

And the possibilities! Private + work? Project A + Project B? Subject A + Subject B? Child A + Child B?

Below are various views of the black binder, the interior of the brown (which is the same as the black) and photos of the two binders together.



Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Fantastic! It’s a great feeling to get the binder you have been stalking for ages. I found a brown one last week – it arrived on Saturday and I love it, so different and could be very useful. Now to find two ideas/functions that need close connections in their planning.

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