My fifth Campomaggi Gaetano leather cuff on the way


I have owned Campomaggi Gaetano leather cuffs for several years now. Each one is one of a kind so I have taken my time choosing ones I like. I have a white, a blue, a pink and a green one.

They are incredibly comfortable to wear and so striking that I never fail to receive compliments when I wear them (which is almost every single day). There is nothing quite like them!

Sadly, they have been discontinued, so will now be almost impossible to find. Yesterday I was offered a Christmas 25% off discount from Marcopoloni so I immediately pounced on a brown one that I had had my eye on for a while (pictured above).

I am so glad about the timing because it has been so dark and cold here and I have been so busy at work (I have two jobs) that I am exhausted at the moment.  A treat really made all the hard work seem worthwhile yesterday!


Here are my others


photo 3


photo 5-1


photo 2







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