Midori Vertical Week on Two Pages Calendar


In years I have used my Midori as a calendar, this is the one I have used. I have to use vertical columns because of my work so this is perfect. The year is divided over two booklets so you can choose to use both at once or separately. Two stickers usually come with each yearly edition

Midori-TRAVELER-S-Notebook-2016-Weekly-Vertical-Diary-Refill-33 Midori-TRAVELER-S-Notebook-2016-Weekly-Vertical-Diary-Refill-32 Midori-TRAVELER-S-Notebook-2016-Weekly-Vertical-Diary-Refill-36 Midori-TRAVELER-S-Notebook-2016-Weekly-Vertical-Diary-Refill-31 Midori-TRAVELER-S-Notebook-2016-Weekly-Vertical-Diary-Refill-37 Midori-TRAVELER-S-Notebook-2016-Weekly-Vertical-Diary-Refill-35

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  1. Hi!
    I’m new to the Filofax / Midori world, and I was just wondering whether it’s at all possible size-wise to use this type of Week on 2 pages, vertical layout by Midori in a Filofax personal?
    I just got one and the only thing it is missing is this layout – I love vertical, but for filofax personal I’d have to use the whole thing sideways because they don’t sell this exact thing.
    Best wishes!

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  1. Midori/Traveler’s Company vs. ‘fauxdoris’ | Janet Carr @

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