Crazy Wolf of Blygedacht’s son, Binjaly Hummer at 18 weeks

Beautiful son of Crazy Wolf of Blygedacht & SB Ama Binty. South African Boerboels are just the best!


And here are some more of Wolf’s babies (with one of Wolf at 15 weeks)



And some of Wolf





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  1. Can you tell me if you have or will be having puppies anytime soon? Thanks!

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  2. So happy I found your blog
    I love it

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  3. Love this dog!!! So beautiful!!!! Do you happen to know how they would be with a young adult with severe autism/profound mental retardation?

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    • In my experience, the best dogs with children with severe autism are golden retrievers, labradors and Newfoundlands. If I had to choose, I would say golden retriever hands down. Another surprising choice is a well-trained pitbull – they are the most amazing gentle loving dogs when well trained. Boerboels are extremely good with children when socialised properly and were bred to guard their family. But being an extra large dominant breed (they can weigh over 200 lbs) with such a strong guarding instinct, they need to be well socialised, well-trained and well bred and they need to know who is boss because they responds instinctively to perceived threats such as loud noises and sudden movements. Ataraxia Kennels uses Boerboels as autism assistance dogs but this may not be specialised enough for your needs.



  1. Boerboel Index | Janet Carr @

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