How old do you think Alana Stewart is?







Answer? 70! Yep – seventy years old!

She has obviously had work done but it has been done extremely well. No puffy pillow-face or wind-tunnel effect. And she clearly has good genes. She looks fantastic and she does not dress as society expects people her age to dress. Which is great because ageism is prevalent, even today when we have become more enlightened about so many other things. Society expects you to do things a certain way at each age and it is stifling.

As people live longer and healthier, the retirement age will probably increase to 70. Whatever happens, I hope that people who want to continue working after 65 are allowed to and that society starts to recognise their skills and experience as something valuable on the labour market. Nowadays so many people are seen as ‘past it’ as soon as they hit fifty. And there is so much you have to give at that age.

The one thing that I wish someone had told me when I was young is that you stay young inside. It is just the outside that ages. I’ve never particularly minded getting older because so many people in my life died when I was young. My parents did not even reach middle age. So I see every year I am alive as a huge victory. I don’t really do things expected of me and I very seldom have. But every now and then I see myself as society sees me and it is a very sobering sight.




And the men. Also probably had tweaks here and there but no puffy faces or wind tunnel effect here either.

John Stamos, 51
Rob Lowe, 51
Tom Cruise, 53


Daniel Day Lewis, 55
Daniel Day Lewis, 55

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Janet I have to tell you something so ironic! I sat down to watch television last night with my partner and watched two new shows that very recently started on our North American television stations. The first one starred John Stamos as a single man in his fifties who finds out he is a grandfather and the following 1/2 hour show starred Rob Lowe as an actor who starred for years in a cult series and returns to his home state to live and work with his brother (an attorney) as an office assistant! Both of these characters are coming to terms with aging and of course are extremely vain! This was a rare tv viewing as we usually watch the cooking, home decorating, house rebuilding, history programs. The best part of the evening was explaining these two actors to my boyfriend (he emigrated from England 20 years ago and has not ever seen these actors before). I have to tell you having watched John Stamos as a teenager on my favorite 1980’s soap opera and LOVING Rob Lowe in St. Elmos Fire – these guys have NOT aged a bit!! I don’t have any major point to make but I found it such a coincidence that their photos are on this post and it was about aging – something their two characters are dealing with!

  2. A M E N!!!! I would have said 55 without looking at her hands – but her hands tell a whole different story – she looks like she has worked hard in her life and 70 – wow – good for her!!!!!!!!!! Love this post and I adore you!!!! You don’t look a day over 30!

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