My favourite spinning ring

Although I no longer practise, I grew up in a staunch Catholic home and went to a Catholic convent school for 12 years. Saying the rosary was a daily thing. When I was just into my teens I started wearing a rosary ring as it was easier and you could do it discreetly on the bus or wherever.


Apart from the religious side of it, I found that spinning on my finger using the balls was very relaxing. Especially if I was anxious or nervous. I imagine worry beads work in much the same way.

Nowadays I often wear spinning rings, also called spinner rings, anxiety rings, fidget rings, Tibetan worry rings, prayer rings or meditation rings. In ancient times these rings were worn for relaxation and to reduce tension because the repetitive playing with a spinning ring can help  relax and calm you.

This is my favourite. It is by Penelope Tom Direct. Penelope also has her own website here




Her description of this ring is:

Wave – An exquisite take on the ever chic silver spinning ring – a super tactile mixed metal piece of jewellery.

Handmade from sterling silver, brass and copper, the Wave ring features three spinning rings centred on a textured band of sterling silver.

Highly versatile, this chunky sterling silver ring features gently scalloped edges reminiscent of gentle waves, which beautifully offset the simple brass and copper spinning bands.

The wave detailing is further incorporated into the middle sterling silver band to make this a simply stunning piece of jewellery.

Designed to last a lifetime and to be super comfortable to wear, this spinning ring is a statement in its own right yet is highly versatile.

I also have my eye on this spinner ring by Penelope.




Someone else who does nice spinner rings is Charlotte’s Web, of whom I have written before. You can find her work on Etsy, Notonthehighstreet and also on her own site.

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  1. I have some stack silver rings. One has ” spinning” written inside the band. Do you have any idea who it’s made by?

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  2. Following you Janet is very dangerous to my wallet! Penelope’s site is awesome. I don’t understand how these ring sizes convert to the US and will look into because I love the idea of these rings that you can spin and relax while doing so.

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    • I am a 6 in a US size and I wear a Small Penelope Tom ring. Usually you can just convert ring sizes on a ring conversion site but these sizes are not just British (with the letters, e.g. O, N) but also X-small, small etc.


  3. I like the idea of a meditative or prayer ring and agree that these examples are exquisite, but do you know of any which would be suitable for a gentleman?


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