New green and purple notebook to match purple and green one





I bought the purple notebook with green stones pictured below from AV Workshop on Etsy a few weeks ago. It cost $24.


Because I have had a set of purple/green and green/purple hand bound books previously (see below)


I asked Svetlana if she could make me a green one with purple stones to match the purple one with green stones. In less than a week, I had it in my hands! On both my orders, it has taken three days door to door from Lithuania to Sweden.




As you can see they coordinate perfectly but are also, like all handmade items, individual. The corner studs are different, the green leather is grainier than the purple which is smooth as silk. The books are a lovely size – A6 – so portable without being too small to be of any use.

Please excuse the cat photo bombing the pics – he is everywhere! Also, purple is notoriously hard to photograph as it tends to veer to the blue or red side of purple in different lights. The photos directly above and directly below are the most accurate.





I absolutely love them and can recommend this seller to the skies. She is quick, communication is good and the price is very very good.

I also got these two, both of which I love. The bookmark would be a perfect gift for a book loving journalling friend. And it is perfect for me as I collect lockable diaries.





Find the bookmark here




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4 replies

  1. where can i buy this purple note book

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  2. Oh my gosh those green & purple are incredible!!!

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  3. Oh! I love these, especially the bookmark. Unfortunately, shipping to Australia almost doubles the cost of the items. I will just have to think of you enjoying them.

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