Update of six month old undyed Van Der Spek binder

For this week’s undyed update I have taken photos of my binder in different places, rather than where I usually take my photos – on my desk.

It looks gruesome in some photos, blurry in others, but I have included all the pics so you can see how it is darkening nicely now that the sun is back in Sweden. I think of this as the ‘puberty’ of this kind of leather. It is growing into its ‘adult’ self but is at the awkward, gangly, pimply stage.


Walking between meetings at about 6pm



Walking between meetings at about 6pm. You can see pen marks, scratches, scuffs, the lighter part under the clasp and the patina (which makes it look a bit blotchy’


Blurry photo taken on the underground under fluorescent lighting



On the bench outside my apartment. My feet look like hands. Wearing: black patent leather brogues, green socks and black tuxedo trousers.



Standard ‘on the desk’ photo



Here you can see the lighter part under the clasp. Like a bikini tan line!







Categories: Filofaxes and other ring organisers


2 replies

  1. Maybe the less attractive puberty stage, but definitely showing its own charm regardless, plus the sure promise of future beauty. 🙂

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  2. Gorgeous. I particularly like the soft sheen in the sunlight.


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