Another watch I wear quite often


This is a Champion Overlander. I bought it when it was 70% discounted and I like it because it is big, easy to read and I can use it in my work.

I often need to time speeches and I always prefer to do it with a watch rather than my phone.

I tend to use men’s watches, as can be seen in these photographs. Top one is JetSet San Merino and is about 7 years old. Bottom one is about 17 years old.



And two more pics (these are stock photographs) of the Champion Overlander





Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

3 thoughts

  1. My watches tend to be quite discrete. My regular daily wear one is a Casio Waveceptor model one that is solar powered and checks it’s time to a radio signal so it is always correct.
    My other is a Seiko watch also solar powered but with a normal day date movement. I have had some quite chunky watches in the past but because I am by nature quite clumsy at times they tend to get scarred quite quickly!

    I notice Petra likes large watches too…

  2. I love men’s watches and I tend to prefer wearing men’s watches too… I really don’t understand why people don’t wear watches at all ( other than those who either allergic, )

  3. I understand you very well about needing to use your watch in your work.
    I am the same. I need to time speeches, lessons…, run from one place to an other without being late, without mentioning about being on time to catch my flights twice a week.
    I just could not live without my watch and l’d feel lost without my Rolex Oyster or my Tag which l’ve had as presents in my 20s. Both in medium size (larger than the women size but smaller than men size).

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