Boots again – Frye or Grinders?

I received a few emails after my Boot Post yesterday, with the question – Frye or Grinders?

When it comes to the Harness boots they are much of a muchness but as a general rule, Grinders are more Dr Martens whereas Frye are more R Soles. Grinders is an English brand whereas Frye is an American brand, so they are easier to find and cheaper in their ‘home’ countries. I prefer Frye myself.

I have 12 R Frye Harness Boots and some tips are – when you buy them note:

  • they are US sizes so check with a conversion table if you are not used to the sizing
  • they tend to run a bit big so try a half size down from what you usually wear
  • break them in by wearing them in the evenings when your feet are swollen
  • if they are too big wear thick socks
  • the heel tends to be spacious
  • they are heavy so don’t buy if you like light footwear
  • the 8r is easier to get your foot into
  • I prefer a Cuban heel
  • they are men’s boots sized down for women so they are clunky
  • easy to find on ebay but beware of fakes
Frye 12R Harness
Frye 12R Harness
8R Harness
Frye 8R Harness

Miley Cyrus wears hers a lot so here are some pics, followed by 2 candids.



Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway
These are Shearling 12Rs. Often go on sale but they are very warm so really only for winter wear.


Here come some Grinder Harness Boots so you can see the difference

harness-boot-v2[ekm]163x200[ekm] harness-hi 41lJ9CXbLfL._SL harness_brn-shoe-155384-zoom 41iPqqKKGfL._SX395_ grinders-lo-harness-boot-crazy-horse-brown-10809-225-1307972232000

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  1. I love my 12R Harness boots so much I also had to spring for a pair of 8R Engineers too! 😉

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