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Bag hooks, or bag hangers as they are sometimes called, are pretty easy to find. Generally any gift shop or place selling accessories has a selection. They come in many different styles – from plain discs to sparkly shapes. They make a very nice gift and are usually not expensive – usually from £5 to £10 though you do get some more pricey ones made by famous brands such as Aspinal.

I have been given several over the years but have never used them. In Sweden most restaurants have hooks under the tables or on the table legs to hold bags. If they do not have them I generally keep my bag on an empty chair beside me or my lap. I very seldom put my bag on the floor or the back of a chair because, coming from a country with a high crime rate as I do, this is where thieves pounce.

When I was in Rotterdam and Petra and I went out for lunch, Petra hung her bag on a gorgeous sparkly bag hook. Later on, her mom pulled out the most gorgeous sequined sparkly ladybug bag hook! I fell in love.

So one of my resolutions this year is going to be to try to get into the habit of using these. They are pretty simple to use – just release the metal catch, swivel out the bag hook, position the counterweight on the table and hang your bag on it. Many bag hooks come with little pouches to keep your hook in, but even if they don’t they are pretty hardy and fairly small and light. They keep your bag close and visible, easily accessible and away from dirty or sticky surfaces.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I don’t put my bags on floors because they’re not clean, and they get kicked and stomped on. I really cringe when someone puts theirs on the floor of a rest room, because then of course they go put it on the table in the restaurant, or their dining table at home. Urk.

    Mine are usually hung over the back of a chair (shoulder strap) or end up in an empty chair, in my lap, or behind me on the chair.

    I’ve got a couple of these hooks, but the bag then hangs parallel to the side of the table, rather occupying too much space. You really want the bag to hang perpendicular to the edge of the table, and these won’t do that. I suppose you could chain two hooks, but I’ve never bothered.

  2. While not bag hooks, what I find indispensable are the hooks that hang over the tops of doors. Many hotels and travel inns don’t have hooks on the bathroom doors so I carry my own to hang my robe on. i always have one in my travel bag, and also find uses outside the bathroom, like over closet doors for something that I might not want to squeeze into a tight space.
    They can be had at hardware stores or The Container Store, and probably many others.
    I don’t leave home without them.

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