AlexLibris Large Leather Corset Journal

I have written about my new AlexLibris book here and it arrived yesterday.

I have taken two sets of photographs. The first ones were taken yesterday when I opened it. Because it was dark and I only use my iPad for photographs, I took a second set this morning as soon as it got marginally light (it never gets lighter than this at this time of the year in Sweden).

This book is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. The workmanship is outstanding (and I have collected hand bound books for many many years) and Alex is amazing to deal with. I have had contact with him for quite a while and he is always ready to answer questions and discuss custom projects. He never pressures you to buy and he is always quick to answer messages.

The paper in this one is 80 g/m2 cartridge paper which I like in books as it is not as heavy as paper that goes over 100 80 g/m2. Books this size are already heavy. I only use pencil or fountain pen so I don’t need ambitious paper. The antique finish on the edges is unbelievable. So much more beautiful than mirror-like gilt edges like you get on Smythson notebooks.

One thing that I loved was that he kept in contact throughout the shipping process. He checked the progress of the package and let me know frequently where it was. It weighs 3kg so progress was a little slower – he made sure to let me know all the time that he was on it.

It was beautifully packaged in a plastic wrapped styrofoam case contained a beautiful gift box holding the book.

I have already ordered a second book which is in progress and will be having a custom order made next week.



















A look at another one of my hand bound books in this size with printer paper in it will give you an idea of the different level of workmanship that went into this item. This is by Dirk from Brother’s Books in South Africa and I have three different designs by him.

photo 1 copy 2


photo 4 copy 2

photo 2 copy 2

photo 3 copy 2

photo 5 copy 2

photo 1-1 copy 3 photo 2-1 copy 2

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