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  1. Hi all! I am Japanese living in the United States.
    Mazda should be spelled as “Ma-tsu-da”, “tsu” as in “Tsunami.” That’s how we pronounce it 🙂

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  2. The one that tickles me is Dacia. They became a big Thing on Top Gear, with no expectation that they’d ever actually be imported to the UK. Then, probably as a result of that, they did start importing them and advertising them, but pronounced the name differently in adverts. The Top Gear pronunciation has, perhaps unsurprisingly, stuck, and I feel the need to correct their own adverts.

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  3. I wish there was a video on how to pronounce Pilot’s Iroshizuku ink, I have ordered two bottles which are their way from somewhere in Japan by the slow boat.

    I remember those mazda light bulbs……. and the jingle.

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  4. But Mazda is not even Japanese – the name comes from the Ancient Persian god of Wisdom who brings light to the world. There used to be a company in the UK long before the Japanese car maker, that was called Mazda and made Light Bulbs. I still remember the jingle –
    Mazda Lamps stay brighter, longer
    Always ask for Mazda.

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