Van Der Spek Day: The last of these unusual binders

Mr Van Der Spek made this design using the tool on the left.
Mr Van Der Spek made this design using the tool on the left.

These binders are the last of their kind. They are in leathers which range from smooth to very pebbly (the ones with vertical lines on them feel like Mulberry leather) and once they are gone they are gone. Mr Van Der Spek showed me the tool he used to make the lines in the leather. What a lot of work went into them. They are different sizes so if you are interested in buying one, include a link to this post to Petra and tell her which one you want. I am not getting commission or anything – I just thought it was such a pity to have shelves and shelves full of beauties like these just sitting there – they cry out to be used! My favorite is the one with the brogue pattern.













Rummaging. Photo by Steve Morton
Rummaging. Photo by Steve Morton

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  1. How much is the burgundy with the floral detail? Its absolutely beautiful.It’s the fourth picture posted.

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