Black A5 Classic Filofax

I have a pink A5 Classic Filofax which I love to bits. Read about it here. These are actually one of my favorite binders and I was so sad to hear that they have been discontinued. They were first called the Cross, then the Classic and I thought they would be around forever. But they were discontinued after last season. Don’t panic though, Filofax always sells remaining stock instead of stopping all sales of the product once it has been discontinued. This means that you can find discontinued binders for a long time after Filofax have stopped making them. And of course they will be around a long long time on eBay and in sales groups.

I like this style because it is made of smooth, stiff leather and has clean, classic lines. It is also a full-leather binder – my favorite kind. There have been limited editions such as the black with red stitching, SUPER-limited editions like the Mash Up which was made in a run of only 50 – 25 of each colourway. And pre-production  runs such as the Rose Classic. But each of these is so pretty in itself. I am just sorry I didn’t buy a French Navy one when they were around.

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Author: Janet Carr

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  1. I love the design of the Cross/Classic, but will never buy one. A genuine leather binder that costs more than a hundred New Zealand dollars should not peel like washi tape.

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