Second Review of Almanacksförlaget ProPlan Compact Binder

Thanks to Petter, I now know more about this beautiful binder. What a wonderful system!

  • It is made of lovely smooth, soft, firm, hardwearing leather with a slip strap rather than a press stud fastener.
  • Because it is compact size it is small enough to carry comfortably almost everywhere
  • Horizontal credit card slots – my favourite kind!
  • Two nice deep slip covers that can be used for storage or to hold the covers of notebooks or diaries
  • Rings that fasten with Velcro and can be removed and replaced
  • You can put different sets of content on different rings (e.g. work/holiday) and just swap them out as necessary
  • You can also use it without rings if you so wish – like a Flex or just as a folder.
Velcro-backed rings
Velcro-backed rings
Made by Almanacksförlaget
Made by Almanacksförlaget – ProPlan Nova Velcro Rings




Gorgeous soft leather with the ProPlan name on the cover
Gorgeous soft leather with the ProPlan logo on the cover. This binder is full leather.


Here you can see the deep slip pockets on the inside front cover. There is one to the left and one to the right. They can be used as storage or to hold the covers of notebooks and/or diaries. It is possible to have two notebooks plus the binder refills in this binder. Kind of like a Filofax Flex crossed with a Filofax.


photo 3-3

photo 2-3


And you can see that you can have one calendar in the left slip pocket, one notebook in the right slip pocket and normal binder pages on the rings.

photo 3-2

photo 1-2
I have always loved these Burde/Almanacksförlaget spiral calendars because they are small and light and just the right size. The only problem with them was that there was no space for notes. In this setup I could have the notes in the binder part and the calendar in the slip pocket part.

photo 4-2

photo 2-2

photo 1-3

photo 5-3
Even though this is compact size it fits quite a lot because it does not need to hold all the bulk in the rings.

photo 4-3

And here are two original photos from the 1980s/90s when these binders came out, showing the logo and the layout


And here are two grey ones in the same model. The red stitching is wonderful!photo 4-4

photo 5-4

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