Filofax Mini Meetup Stockholm – 20th May 2014

Us Stockholm Filofaxers (Susanna, Susanne, Amanda and I) had a lunch meet-up at NK today. We had a brief browse through the Filofaxes, a meander through the inks and then a lunch while chatting about organization, testing inks and pens, and looking at stickers and inserts.

Both Amanda and Susanna are studying law so they had some great ideas and tips on how to use Filofaxes for studying. Susanne and I are more chaotic – but Susanne gets full marks for all her lovely pens and inks, and the green charm and ruler for her gorgeous shiny grass green Gillio! Tom the green Gillio has become so much softer and more supple since I last saw him. He is absolutely beautiful!

I absolutely fell in love with Susanna’s Kensington -what a gorgeous binder. It is vintage but Bouteia should have some left – keep an eye out for upcoming auctions. It is so nice and supple and soft with lots of credit card lots and a zippered gusseted pocket for coins. Lays flat and is stuffable. I had never seen one before but I really want one now!

photo 2-2
Amanda and Susanna looking at Filofax refills. Susanne and I were hovering around the ink!
photo 1-2
The shelves are a little bare but there is still way more stock than in most places I think. Pictured are Amanda and Susanna browsing the refills.
photo 2
Amanda admiring Susanna’s way of organizing her binder. I was ogling Susanne’s pens. Many of the pens have co-ordinating inks in them so of course I had to test them all! My favorite is the grass green ink which is almost the same colour as the Gillio!
photo 3-2
Susanne brought Tom, the shiny grass green Gillio Croco Compagna. I brought Gilbert the purple Mia Cara and the freaky Mulberry double binder (2 binders in one). Amanda brought her A5 Bronze domino snake and her Violet Temperley. Susanna brought (not shown) her dark blue Kensington (what a gorgeous binder), her Gillio Khaki Skorpion Compagna, and her full size brown Midori. Amanda is waiting for her Orange A5 Osterley from Filofax Hungary – which we tracked down to her local postal agency during lunch.
Photo by Amanda. My, we all look serious!

photo 4

photo 3

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      1. I’d also be interested in trading it for a black Holborn slimline….just in case you’ve got a spare!


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