My Akiko Binder from Kikosattic

On its way to me as I write this is this beautiful violet and green handmade pocket-sized creation by Akiko of Kikosattic on Etsy.

I loved a binder Akiko made in this leather so much that about a year ago I asked if she could make me one when she had time. And, even though she does not usually do custom orders she told me she would, as long as I could be patient as she is always really busy.

I was allowed to choose between mint and jade for the lining. The mint (top) was a better match to the violet but the jade is oiled and more durable so I went with that. I could also choose what shape I wanted the metal hardware on the inside pockets to be – of heart, square, diamond and flower, I chose flower. I also chose to have a flower charm and tassel instead of just a tassel which can be used as a bookmark. And I chose a broader strap.

The binder is totally handmade, hand cut (no cutter, only knife), hand stitched. No machine is used at all. It’s more complicated than it looks as the binder actually consists of 22 pieces of leather and lining parts plus ring parts. 
All edges are filed, trimmed and coated for 3~4 times to fix.

Isn’t this just too beautiful? Akiko is a real darling – she deserves her great reputation and fantastic feedback!






Author: Janet Carr

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