The Van der Spek Ordering Process

Binders being created

One thing you will notice when you go to the Van der Spek site, is that it may not be like the sites from which you are used to ordering. There is no pricing, shopping cart or checkout.

This is due to the personal service and high customisation level offered by Van der Spek.

Your best bet to help you in the process is the Van der Spek Facebook group which consists of cheerful enthusiastic members who are always on hand to help you with questions and to advise on colour choices. Petra Van der Spek is very active in the group as well, answering questions and (if she has time) posting photographs of what your colour choice will look like.

Also in the group are documents and albums helping you with everything from pricing to colour swatches. If you have any questions at all, just ask!

Even if you do not want to buy anything, this group is well worth a visit just to see the beautiful designs and colours offered. If you thought that personal customer service with a smile was a thing of the past, pop in here to watch Van der Spek at work, and see how wrong you were!

One of our admins, Zeb Ahmed, has drawn up this lovely document which guides you through the ordering process.

Guide to ordering a Van der Spek organiser

By Zeb Ahmed on Thursday, 27 February 2014 at 08:17

1. Visit the VDS organiser page to see what models and sizes are available.

2. There are two main styles – TouchMe & Custom.

3. TouchMe is available in many sizes, but only in brown or black and is NOT customisable.

View photos, size specs and prices of the TouchMe collection:

Note: You can ask for the A5 TouchMe to come with 35mm rings but it is NOT designed to accomodate this size, so inserts/dividers may get crunched.

View a comparison between the default 25mm rings, and the 35mm rings.

4. Custom is available in many sizes, you can choose the leather, colour, ring size, ring & popper colour (available in gold or silver) and stitching colour; any other customisations may be discussed on a case by case basis. See Appendix.

View photos, size specs and prices of the Customs

5. If you choose to get a TouchMe, please jump to point 8. If you choose to do a Custom, go to the next point.

6. If you choose to do a Custom, look through the available leather options and pick your outside colour (print or not) and inside colour.

Outside leather

Inside leather

Note: some of these leathers can be used inside or outside as well. See this picture set: 

7. Determine ring size, stitching colour, ring and popper colour.

8. Email Van der Spek on to kick off the ordering process.

9. Petra Van der Spek is lovely, and is happy to take photos of your chosen colour combinations to help you decide. Take advantage of this to help you make the right choice re: your Custom.

10. Once you make your final decision or if you choose to get a TouchMe, Petra will give you the quote, and if you agree she will send you a PayPal invoice.

11. On receipt of payment, your TouchMe will be sent immediately. If you do a Custom, it can take up to 3 weeks (depending on the back log of orders they are going through) before it will be shipped.

ALL shipped organisers are sent with tracking, so you can see where it is every step of the way.


Full price guide

Album of photos


Are available, but do not automatically come with the organiser. If you want one, please ask in your email.

Custom Embossing 

For example, getting initials embossed on the ouside of your organiser. VDS can send photos of the styles available and placement options. Cost €25 additional.

Additional Pen Loop

An extra pen loop is possible on the left side of your organiser. Cost € 18.50 additional.

Organiser stiffening

You may prefer a more “floppy” feeling organiser. You can ask for the stiffening to be removed (at no extra cost.) This option is only available when ordering a Custom organiser. Note that the mechanism that the rings attach to. When you first get your organiser there might be some “squeaking.” This will dissapear after a week or so of use.




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