Filofax own brand punches

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A question often asked is which Filofax hole punch is the best. I have the three Filofax ones above, plus a personal sized portable punch which I could not find for the photograph.

The portable hole punch is made of quite flimsy plastic, can only do one page at a time and takes up quite a bit of space in a binder. So I would recommend this only if you travel a lot or if you really really really need to punch pages on the fly. Other than that, I would not spend your money on it.

The Filofax punches work well enough but the holes clog easily. I take time once every ten days or so to fish the extra bits of paper out of the holes with a needle. They are not terrible but they are not outstanding either. I use these most of the time.

My recommendation is the Rapesco Adjustable Diary Punch 66 – P (below). I have one at work and this is what I use if I need to punch quite a few pages at once. It can do about 10 pages of 80gm paper at a time. You can also adjust it for different ring constellations so you will hopefully need to only buy the one.


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