Manufactus Notebooks

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I have five Manufactus notebooks – three brown ones (1 x A5 and 2 x A4) with leather covers stretched over light wood, and two turquoise leather wrap ones (1 x A5 and 1 x A4).

What I like best about these books is the heavy cream Italian paper with a perfect tooth. I use a Montblanc Meisterstück fountain pen with brown Pilot Iroshizuku ink in the brown books and Muji turquoise gel pens in the Turquoise ones.

The wrap ones are refillable and the hardcover ones are bound.

The brown ones do not photograph well (I use an iPad or phone to take photographs so the options are not the best in dull lighting) but are beautiful.

The A4 leather one is still in its plastic wrap as it is waiting for a very bad day to come, when I will cheer myself up by opening it! The A5 has been in daily use for about 8 months.

These books each come with a beautiful cloth dust bag. I do so wish more companies did this. They cannot cost much and they make such a difference.

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