Crazy Wolf of Blygedacht Boerboele

I first posted about Blygedacht Boerboele‘s Crazy Wolf when he was 15 weeks old.

At 15 weeks old – look at those feet! Never seen such huge feet and thick legs on a Boerboel puppy this age! Here he is with his owner, the WONDERFUL Miriam Koopen.

Here he is at 10.5 months old – isn’t he beautiful?

All the promise he showed in that first picture is 100% evident in this photograph.

Wolf’s mother is Pancer Tabitha (Piet zyn Drift Ullie x GrootGeluk Catherina) and his father is Middelpos Zoro (Welbekend Kojack x Nostras Oxo).

What a dog!


Look at those sturdy legs!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

7 thoughts

  1. He is the most beautiful and perfect specimen of a Boerboel that I have ever seen. I keep looking for new pictures of him every week. I think I’m in Love.❤️
    Best Regards

  2. There he is again my little babyboy..nowadays Big strong and beautiful!! It is really fun to see you like him so much…He is living the good life in Belgium!!

  3. They are fully grown at about 2 years. He will probably a bit still. He is an unusually large specimen, even for the breed, which is classed as extra large.

  4. He’s what we might call a very chunky lad! 🙂 At what age would he normally be fully grown and filled out? How much more growing has he got to do?

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