Collections – Part 2

Teals and Aquas
Teals and Aquas – Malden Aqua, Compagna Aqua, Baroque Teal
Genuine Midori Traveler's Notebooks
Genuine Midori Traveler’s Notebooks – Star Edition Passport Size and Full Size Brown
Lockable diaries
Lockable diaries – Smythson, Aspinal and Edwardian from 1901

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

5 thoughts

  1. Aspinalls always seem to have such luxurious items. However! I have tried buying several notebooks only to find a day or two later that they are out of stock! Maybe I was just unlucky?

    Steve (UK)


  2. Janet, how do you clean or condition leather? Your Midori looks so good – mine is a bit rough. I would also like to rejuvenate some Filofax binders I bought recently which are second hand. Thanks

    1. I actually don’t clean or condition any of my leather – not even my shoes or handbags. They all look good, but I think that is from being regularly used and handled. I think the Midoris respond well to my moisturised hands which fondle them a lot!

      1. I just see that it is the wooden table you probably like? It is a twisted wooden one carved from a solid piece of wood. I got it in Angola. I must see if I have another photo of it for you.

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