HOTD #18 – Hermés Birkin

hermes_brun_narbildI wrote earlier about how I don’t buy mirror copy fakes which represent themselves as the real thing right down to the logos, receipts, boxes, serial numbers and tags. But, long long ago, I bought 4 fake Hermés Birkins which are so beautiful that I have never been able to part with them. I don’t use them but they are tucked away in my cupboard and I look at them now and then.

A Birkin is something I will never own as they are way out of my price range. Even though they are an investment and nearly always resell for their purchase price, it is not something I would even consider buying. I love the style and I think they are beautiful but I can’t see myself ever buying one or even being able to accept such an expensive gift.

Anyway, here are my four little bags of shame.









Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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    1. They are gorgeous. Stunning! I found them on a site called Stina’s Handbags. Bought tan first, then the black and then the orange and finally the red. They were cheap and are perfect perfect perfect copies. It just felt wrong to use them but the beauty of them is astounding.

      1. I particularly love the orange. You really don’t use them?? They also sound perfect for you (big enough for A4 and so on)!

      2. No it doesn’t exist anymore – she used to sell from her house and lived quite close to me but then she moved. I reckon that ioffer is your best bet these days but you never know what you are really getting. I saw these babies in real life after seeing them on her site and just fell hopelessly in love with them. She had loads of different brands too but these were just so—-perfect!

      3. Uh, of course it doesn’t exist anymore 🙁 Well enjoy yours, and pleeeaaaase use them! so pretty!

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