Artifice Books – EAST INDIA

This is a complicated piece. Everywhere you look there are hidden pockets and detailed features. There always seems to be more to discover. It’s a tribute to exploration, and the mystery of a world where you never knew what you would find just over the horizon.

The front “cover” can be opened on itself, revealing a detailed vine panel of faux stonework and two side pockets. Close it up again and its just a front cover, which swings open to access the main compartment. This main space features two business card slots, pen clip, and the refillable journal. The journal refills with Mead composition books, (a great option for anyone who does a lot of writing)and has it’s own stonework cover. Behind the last page of the journal the East India Company emblem is tooled into the leather. 

At first glance this portfolio may seem complicated. And it is. But it’s not at all hard to use once you’ve held it and seen how it works. Even when you’re familiar with it, it’s sense of mystery never seems to fade.

This beautiful book\/portfolio was handcrafted with exceptional care from a gorgeous warm chestnut leather. Even the false stonework panels are leather. All the stitching was done by hand, a feat that took WEEKS to complete.



Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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