My 2014 Filofax inserts

I use week on two pages (WOTP) vertical calendar inserts – this makes it easy to see an overview of my week at a glance and prevents me from combining too many early starts and late finishes in a week. For 2014 I am using my Qimmis, which I bought from


For my notepaper and blank calendar pages I will be using inserts from Paper Love Forever on Etsy. I use blank calendar pages to do my to-dos for each day. The lack of lines means that I can scribble all over the page and jot down little diagrams if necessary.

The lovely Maryanne from Paper Love Forever has designed these pages for me. Aren’t they gorgeous! The notepaper will have ‘Notes’ as a title on the top. Her paper is lovely and her refills are even more professionally packaged and printed than Filofax’s own versions.

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The nice thing about Qimmis and Paper Love Forever inserts is that you can decide when you want your inserts to start. And you don’t have to buy a whole year’s worth at a time if you are not sure if you will like them. You can buy three months if you want to.

Author: Janet Carr

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  1. I just received my Qimmis inserts and the oaper is lovely and the peony pattern I chose looks so grand, I will be ordering from them again I know. I love how your large and small calendars match 🙂

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