Saving Cadence


I can look at evidence of man’s inhumanity to man without it going straight into my heart and soul like an arrow. I am not sure why. Yet when it comes to animals, a harrowing image or story haunts me for days, sometimes weeks.  stories of cruelty to animals make my blood boil to the extent that I could become physically violent towards people that hurt animals. Once again, I am not sure why. Surely it should be the other way round? Maybe it is because animals have no voice.

The video below moved me to tears of happiness and hope. It shows a brave, wonderful, sweet, trusting animal being given life and hope by a group of dedicated volunteers. Eldad Hagar (do a search for him and you will find his Facebook page, Flickr, Twitter and Youtube channel) is absolutely incredible with animals, particularly scared, hurt and abused ones. He is known as ‘the stray whisperer’. Just the sound of his voice is enough to calm even me! And he carries with him his ‘Lucky Leash’ which all his rescues wear and which can be bought from his site.

And an article from BuzzFeed

Plus a photo gallery!

PS: Chance (the dog which washes Cadence in the video) has now been homed with a lovely family and he has his own Facebook page and blog

Author: Janet Carr

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