The South African Police and the Oscar Pistorius Case

The Oscar Pistorius case is news worldwide. Am I the only one cringing at the unprofessional way the South African police seem to be handling it? Are they not used to the concept of accountability? First they make statements that it was an intruder then they deny it, then they give out information about previous domestic incidents at the accused’s house at an official press conference. Now police sources are reporting in UK newspapers that Ms Steenkamp’s skull was crushed with a cricket bat before she was shot. And that she was shot in the hip before she ran into the bathroom where she doubled over in pain before being shot three more times….that she was in her nightgown, had slept in his bed with him that night and that her iPad lay beside the bed together with an overnight case. What happened to not talking about an ongoing investigation? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? What happened to professionalism from law enforcement? Bumbling unprofessional incompetence is what I am seeing spread all over the world media today. The South African police are under the microscope and not coming out of it well. Are the police sources eagerly spilling the beans on everything being paid by the UK media for this information I wonder?

I am used to bumbling incompetence in my own small South African town (police getting lost on their way to a crime scene less than 1km from the police station, not being able to write, being guarded by a private security firm so that they are not robbed, people not even bothering to report crime because the police are so hopeless) but in a case like this they should at least make an effort to look like they know what they are doing – no one is going to get a fair trial at this rate.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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