Shoep and John

Stories of animals always warm my heart – one that fastened in my heart his year is the story of Shoep and John. Earlier this year John Unger asked a photographer friend to take a photograph of his 19-year old dog Shoep because he felt that he would not live much longer. His dog was in great pain and he felt it was a matter of days before he would have to have him put to sleep. He took the dog into the lake every evening during the summer because it was the only way to ease the pain of his arthritis and allow the dog to sleep. He stood in the water with his beloved dog for hours almost every day so that the dog could have some relief from his pain. The photo became an internet sensation, going viral. Check the original photograph and the number of likes and shares here – as of today the photo has been liked 350 407 times and shared 214 473 times.

This led to huge interest in Shoep and John. Donations to help Shoep poured in and so far almost $30 000 dollars have been raised. Shoep now has a special bed, foodbowls and a special medical regime to reduce his pain and rejuvenate his joints. This wonderful doggie has a facebook page here where you can follow his treatments and his daily life. Shoep is now able to go for daily walks and nose around nice smelling things. Look at his face during his laser treatment – he loves it so much he goes to sleep before it is over!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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