Filofax spotted in the wild

I have not spotted many Filofaxes in the wild – the last one before today was a turquoise A5 Finsbury being held by a medical rep in the pharmacy. It looked battered, loved and stuffed to the gills 🙂

Today I went out for lunch with my stepdaughter and she asked me for the phone number to my hairdresser. Imagine my delight when she whipped out her Filofax to record it!

I gave her one of my bronze domino snake Filos over three years ago when she started university. She was absolutely delighted with it and we spent the evening going through my refill spares setting it up. I was so glad to have been able to spread the Filo joy but was convinced that the size, weight and her iPhone would mean the novelty would wear off and it would end up on a shelf.

But no….

she carries it everywhere, has made her own tabs for it, writes her daily appointments in her WOTP with little notes down the side. She has articles, business cards, vouchers and coupons and two pens in it. You can see it has been used but it has no wear at all on the binder so it can take a battering.

Oh I am ever so proud!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Love it. As a former (and still sometimes) Franklin Planner owner, I gave my daughter oneof my compact (personal) planners years ago when she started college. It was her favorite color pink. She filled it, decorated it, played with it but never really ever used it. I gave my son a pocket planner (more of a notebook vs rings) and he used it for a bit but then fell off. Alas, sigh. I’ve been using planners for 20+ years and had hoped to pass it on to the kiddies but they (sort of) use their technology for keeping appointments when they remember to record them. Afraid they didn’t inherit their mom’s organizational skills. But I have certain Filo’s in mind for them that they will inherit someday. They will be filled with my appointments, doodles and journaling. Who knows, maybe they’ll use them someday or if not it will at least give them a little chuckle in the future because they laugh at me and my obsession with planners (all in good fun!).

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