Rickrolling is an internet meme. An meme is something that spreads via the internet. If you click on a link that leads to the Rick Astley video for ‘Never gonna give you up’ you have been Rickrolled. The link is usually from someone… Read More ›

Nails on a Blackboard

I wondering the other day if, due to the use of whiteboards these days, younger people will not understand things like the advertising campaign above and cartoon below. Anyone who has every heard it can imagine the sound of nails… Read More ›

Jumping the Shark

When a tv series ‘jumps the shark’ it means that the story arc reaches its peak, the storyline becomes ridiculous and the show loses credibility. The phrase comes from the television series Happy Days when Fonzie jumped over a shark while waterskiing,… Read More ›

Meet Cute

A meet cute is a convention of romantic comedies in which two potential romantic partners meet in a contrived way in unusual or comic circumstances. A staple of the romantic genre, the technique creates an artificial situation contrived by the filmmakers in… Read More ›

What is a Jobsworth?

I tried to explain this to my students today, but as usual, Wikipedia does it a lot better: A jobsworth is a person who uses their job description in a deliberately uncooperative way, or who seemingly delights in acting in an obstructive… Read More ›