Thor’s Hammer, Mjölnir

I wrote quite recently about how I like Thor’s Hammer/Mjölnir pendants but don’t wear them because they have been co-opted by certain factions of the white supremacist movement.

I don’t normally subscribe to any secret social passports such as the meaning behind the colour of your shoelaces, whether you have a bandana in your back pocket, or which ear has an earring. I have, however, translated several research papers about Viking symbols being co-opted by white supremacists, and I really don’t want to send ANY signals of that kind to anyone. Not even accidentally. For the same reason I would never wear any Buddhist, Indian or Ethiopian symbols that resemble the swastika, even though the symbol was very commonly used thousands of years prior to World War II.

Having said that, though, I found this solid silver hammer pendant at a flea market recently. I initially decided not to buy it but it was so cheaply priced and vaguely shaped that I returned later the same day. I am not sure I am going to wear it anytime soon, but the handwork is beautiful.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I find it such a shame that some factions of neo-nazis and fascists have taken control of the narrative of hate by using symbols of peace. Yes I know Hitler did the same with the swastika, stealing it from religion, turning it over and using it for his fascist propaganda. I would love to see everyone living in peace, with war relegated to the history books but unfortunately there are always going to be those seeking to gain power by using violence and war.

  2. That’s a glorious necklace! I love it! It almost feels as if it was taken directly from the Vikings. I also love Mjölnir necklaces and living in Germany, I also have to be careful with the impression it might give. I have two Mjölnir necklaces and they are both really tiny, so very often, they slip into my t-shirt and stay there.

      1. Yes, absolutely. Plenty of neo-nazi groups have taken over the Norse mythology for their cause. Not only Mjölnir but also anything to do with Odin, The All Father… And they take this very seriously…

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