My favourites from the 2022 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Find the rest of the nominations here. The winners will be announced on December 8, 2022.

My favourite previous winners are:

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020
Sally Lloyd-Jones
United Kingdom
Title: It’s A Mocking Bird!
Description: I was hoping a Kingfisher would land on the “No Fishing” sign but I was over the moon when it landed for several seconds with a fish. It then flew off with it’s catch. It appeared to be mocking the person who erected the sign!
Animal: A Kingfisher
Location of shot: Near Kirkcudbright
The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020
Thomas Vijayan
Title: Fun For All Ages
Description: Shooting the most common is the most challenging thing. Langurs are very common but waiting for a right movement is very challenging and needs lots of patience. Photography is not about quantity I consider it more of a quality and a story telling frame which can put a smile in someone’s heart. In 2014 I had made 15 trips to India in search of a perfect frame out of these trips, in one of the trip I could only get this frame and I am more than happy with this picture – A playful monkey with its family is a special frame for me.
Animal: Langur
Location of shot: Kabini, India
The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020
Tim Hearn
United Kingdom
Title: Hide and Seek
Description: As this Azure damselfly slowly woke up, he became aware of my presence. I was lined up to take a profile picture of his wings and body, but quite sensibly the damsel reacted to the human with the camera by putting the Marsh grass stem between me and it. I took the shot anyway. It was only later that I realised how characterful it was. And how much the damselfly looks like one of the muppets.
Animal: Azure Damselfly
Location of shot: Devon, UK
Mark Fitzpatrick, Great Barrier Reef
The raccoon was just waking up and stretching. We have a raccoon in this tree every so often, sometimes for a night and sometimes for a month.

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