A Zara Knit rainbow

We have two bookable and one ‘spontaneous’ communal laundry rooms in our basement (each with two washers, one dryer and one drying cupboard), and a separate laundry room with huge washers and dryers for big loads like curtains, carpets, and duvets. Most people use these.

I never use them though, preferring to use our bathroom combo washer/dryer because then I can do small loads when I have some time. I only use the dryer for certain things as I think it is better for clothes and our electricity bill to wash and air-dry. I have two small clothes horses and I always dry delicates flat.

These Zara knits, however, can just be hung on the shower rail overnight and packed away in the morning. They don’t stretch out of shape and are one of my favourite items of clothing. They are thin knits and can be worn alone or layered. They are more formal and cosy than a t-shirt and look great for work or casual. All the ones I have are pre-loved and cost about $3 each. I wear them a great deal throughout the year as they are the perfect weight for when it is not too cold.


I have collected quite a rainbow (black, dark grey, navy blue, royal blue, red, orange, yellow, pink) and it looks nice when you layer blue and pink, or yellow and orange, for example. I am still looking for greens and purples.

Speaking of washing and drying in the home – my washing machine is in the bathroom, but all my South African family have their washing machines in their kitchens. Some people think that is disgusting, but it is quite normal in some countries, and very practical. What do you think?

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. In Australia most older flats have a laundry connection in the bathroom, more recent ones have a either a separate laundry room or cupboard. Houses built in my lifetime mostly have a separate laundry room next to the kitchen

  2. I have a laundry room between the bathrooms which is big enough to accommodate the washer, drying lines, an ironing board and a cupboard to store the laundry products. I don’t have a dryer as I wouldn’t use it a lot (only in winter). I much prefer to let my laundry air-dry. When the weather is nice I hang the laundry on the terrace.

  3. years ago here in usa washers were typically in the basement. but in the last 20 yrs or so in newly built homes they tended to be in a corner of the kitchen behind closet doors or off a side entrance from the garage. in any event it was on the first floor. hope that makes sense.

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