Pretty in pink – one of my favourite bags this summer


I bought this bag a number of years ago because I wanted to buy a genuine Balenciaga one and needed to find out if the size and style suited me before paying the eye-watering price of the Balenciaga City.


This is an ‘inspired’ bag, not a mirror copy/counterfeit and has some significant differences from the City, but it was close enough to the original for me to realise that it would not suit me for work. It was too slouchy, too small, and the leather was a little too fragile for me. In the end I went with a similar Pierre Balmain style instead because it was a little sturdier and structured, and fitted A4 papers.

The pink bag is too close to the original to be able to sell it with any good conscience, so I have been using it during the summer before I donate it to charity this autumn. t has been great – still a little too small and slouchy, but the pop of colour was most welcome, and it was light to carry. It prevented me from overstuffing and carrying unnecessary papers. The colour was really nice against white and pale denim, and matched my pink scarf and sneakers. I am filing pink away as a colour to investigate further next spring and summer – maybe a pink t shirt or blouse?

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I always find that pink suits me, since you have the handbag which you have been using, maybe mix things up with a pink blouse, dress, or even jeans (jeggings if you like those)?

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