Filofax personal-sized Kensington in red

I have been using this binder for the last couple of weeks. I felt like a change and I wanted something simple and plain.

I like Filofax Kensingtons in personal size because they are very simple and plain, but come in various colours (brown, black, navy, green, red). I also really, really like the square corners!

This model amazing on all levels.

  1. It is a vintage binder so very well made with fantastic rings
  2. It is soft and flexible with no stiffening
  3. It is perfectly designed for use as a wallet with plenty of credit card slots, a zip for coins and a nice pocket for notes
  4. Fairly easily available on eBay and sales groups
  5. Very reasonably priced – between €11 and €30

My set up is, as always, very simple. I have

      • a week on two page vertical calendar for my bookings
      • page a day calendar for daily to do lists
      • notepaper for general lists
      • various plastic pockets for stamps, receipts, business cards and various scraps of paper
      • coins and supermarket tokens in the zip pocket

    Here is my little collection:

    And some photos of my beloved black Kensington:

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6 replies

  1. Yay for a Kensington appreciation, It is my binder of choice in general 🙂 And it started with your old post about filofax Kensington 🙂

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  2. By the way , mine is red like yours, Janet.


  3. I have a deskfax Kensington, it truly is a simple, bare bones item, but no worst for that. I read a lot of medieval history, and the Deskfax is ideal for notetaking.

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  4. Always love to see you in rings!

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  5. Hi Janet, great to see you back in a Kensington as it’s still my favourite model 🙂


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