New Yeti boots!

Today I wore my new pair of Yeti Boots. This is my third pair. My oldest pair is about 10 years old and the soles have finally given in. The second pair is about 8 years old and still going strong. I wear Yeti boots daily for at least nine months of the year. They do not leak or slip and I have never ever treated any of them. Ever. No beads have ever fallen off and the soles just keep on going.  In winter someone stops me at least three times a week and asks me where I got them.

These boots come from Yeti Leather in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.  Dael Lithgow of Yeti Leather sells at a market in my little South Africa town every year in early July every year. These were the ones in my size this year. They are in navy blue leather (though in photographs they look almost black) and tan nubuck with a combination of cutouts and beading. They are lined in sheepskin and have thick non-slip soles.

Navy blue is such an underrated colour. I wish more things (planners, jackets, shoes, clothes) were made in very dark navy. I also love the combination of brown and navy blue.

and here are my other two pairs (a really bad photograph, sorry!):

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