Off to Spain!

We are off to Spain to spend Christmas with my fiancé’s family. I will try to write blog posts while I am there. Thankfully the EU abolished exorbitant roaming charges for mobile devices a while back so it won’t be horrendously expensive to log in to social media.

Yesterday Ziggy and Fluffy went by special animal taxi to their catsitter. We usually have a live-in catsitter but they were all away for Christmas. A wonderful woman we did not know contacted us and asked if she could help. P’s cat Cesar had just passed away and she was going to be alone over Christmas. She was feeling the loss deeply, which resonated so much with me, because my Tusse died in December 2010, just before Christmas. I remember how I felt. P came to meet the cats two weeks ago, I went to look at her house during the week, and we have met for coffee a few times.

So today we used a local animal taxi to take the boys to P’s house, where they made themselves at home right away! It was nice that we could help each other. I can recommend Niclas from Husdjurstransporter Stockholm. He can transport pets with or without their owners – from the airport, to and from the vet, to the kennel, from the country house. And he is so good with animals. He keeps in touch with you every step of the way.

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  1. Have a wonderful holiday season, Janet. Thank you for adding to the quality of my life in 2018.

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