Little Filofax meetup with designer Amanda Bigrell

I have been doing my annual summer handbag, jewellery, TN, and ring organiser sales bonanza but this time I have been selling locally in Sweden, because it is quick and easy with payment and shipping.

Amanda Bigrell is a friend from several previous Filofax meetups, so when I heard at our meetup a few weeks ago that she was a Baroque fan, I sold her my mini Teal Baroque Filofax. I am so happy that it could go to a new home, because I have not used it for years.

The Baroque is one of my favourite Filofaxe models. I loved this style. I wish they had brought it out in A5 and in colours such as purple with gold or green embossing. This was a surprisingly popular Filofax which did not have enough time on the shelf in my opinion. The outside is very plain soft touchable leather, and the inside has glorious decadent embossing.

This one is in Teal in mini size. It is gorgeous soft smooshy leather with opulent, quality embossing. It can be used as a wallet if you use the card pockets and little zippered pocket. I was unable to find a Filofax notebook small enough for the back pocket so have used generic brands as well as just stuffing receipts and scraps of paper with phone numbers scribbled on them in it. I used it as a travel wallet for a number of years. I am so glad it has a wonderful new home.

Probably my favourite Philofaxy Blog post is this one about how to use a mini as your EDC (everyday carry). This Baroque was my only ever Mini. I bought it just because I loved the colour and style. But I used it as a travel binder and it worked so very very well. I had everything I needed for scheduling and notes but without taking up any space.

I also have a black one in personal size

And here was our pile – Amanda’s Kikki K, her gorgeous Aqua Malden, her Baroque, and my black Slimline Classic which I am really loving!

The Aqua Malden and this Teal Baroque really go well together. Here is the Teal Baroque with my Filofax A5 Aqua Malden.

And now for the good news. Amanda has an Etsy shop doing customisable printable inserts and she brought some for me to look at. I noticed them in Amanda’s binder when we had our Philofaxy meetup a few weeks ago and fell in love with how pretty they were. I asked her if I could see some samples because I know I am not the only one who likes pretty inserts that are also practical. Amanda also does tabbed dividers that you can customise in several languages. There are so many options available for the inserts. Plus did I mention how pretty they are?

Amanda gave me a selection of different inserts to show my blog readers so look out for a post in the next few days. I will scan and describe them and also link to the shop if anyone is keen on looking further.

Disclaimer I am not affiliated with Amanda’s shop, the shop did not solicit this blog post and I did not get any compensation (apart from being able to use the samples that Amanda gave me!).

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Janet, I’d forgotten how nice the baroque was inside. Fab post.

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