New Yeti boots!

Above are my Yeti boots. The pair on the left is now 10 years old and the pair on the right is now 7 years old. I wear one of these pairs daily for at least nine months of the year. They do not leak or slip and I have never ever treated either of them. Ever. No beads have fallen off and the soles are perfect.  In winter someone stops me at least three times a week and asks me where I got them.

These boots come from Yeti Leather in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.  Dael Lithgow of Yeti Leather sells at a market in my little South Africa town every year in early July every year and it is only chance I will have to get another pair without paying through the nose for shipping (they are bulky). I asked my cousin to look for a pair in my size and she was kind enough to oblige.

And these are the ones that Dael had in leather in my size. He does beautiful boots in suede but that would never survive a Swedish winter.

I love the green ones but I don’t think they would survive snow and slush. So I chose the brown ones.

And here are some other gorgeous boots that Dael makes, from his Facebook page. You can order online and have a pair custom made, but the shipping would be really expensive as they are not small or light.


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  1. Current price range? (USD) Do they ship? I know they are way out of my league but I’m curious. One can dream!!

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