A year since Alan Rickman died


While most people will remember him as Snape from the Harry Potter movies, my favourite Alan Rickman roles are in the amazing Galaxy Quest (one of my favourite movies). He was absolutely brilliant in it.


I also loved him as the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood:Prince of Thieves. He was hilarious and made the entire movie for me.





And of course, here are some Snape memes!




This one made me so sad.


Author: Janet Carr

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  1. Whenever I think of Alan Rickman, no particular role comes to mind (he was great in everything), but I hear his voice in my head. That voice. His articulation. Thrilling. When I’m reminded of his death, I think of his wife, Rima Horton. Their relationship spanned over fifty years. She was his teenage sweetheart and they lived together since their late teens. It was a great romance.

  2. He was awesome in anything, and it really irritates me that many people disregard (or worse are not even aware of) his work beyond Harry Potter. This actually goes for almost all of the actors that took part in a Harry Potter movie.

  3. That entire exchange from Robin Hood is mine and hubs favorite. We still goof around and quote it to this day. For me, he’ll always be Colonel Brandon from Sense & Sensibility

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