Van Der Spek traveler’s notebook in green crosshatch leather

This week I moved into my standard sized Van Der Spek Nomad in green, yellow, and red ‘LV’ leather. This is the second Nomad ever made by Van Der Spek. The prototype  was the first.

The design is pretty simple, as were most traveler’s notebooks seven years ago. No full length back pocket, no poppered clasp. Those are both features I would choose should I order another one now.

The colours are a bit over the top but I couldn’t decide on one colour in this leather, so decide to use all of them. This is not the most-loved Van Der Spek leather but I have adored it since the first time I touched the sample, and I have used my red ring organiser in this leather a lot. It becomes softer with wear and hugs the contents. It also shows no wear, no marks, no scratches. Not even my cats could put a dent in it. It is not the type of leather I normally like (on the stiff side, coloured, patterned) but it is one of my favourites of all time. The day Van Der Spek opens up to making bags, I will be ordering a tote in red!

This is a standard size with four elastics so it is the perfect size to be portable but still hold a good number of inserts.

It has a grid insert, two lines inserts, a lightweight paper insert and a plastic pouch (all by traveler’s company). The pouch contains stencils.


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Hi Janet, This is absolutely gorgeous! Are you going to be using this in addition to your ring planner? I’m always struggling how to combine the two “methods”.

    1. Yes I will be using two. My ring organiser is always for scheduling and to do lists. I throw away the pages when I am finished with them. I tend to use notebooks for journaling, personal goals etc.

      1. I really wish I’d had an organiser made with that leather. I’ve missed my chance now with VdS stuff after Brexit and humungous extra charges …

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