Lovely washi tape from Etsy


I am not a washi afficionado. I don’t decorate anything. But lately I have found uses for washi tape. I use it to block off entire weeks in my calendar, especially long weekends and things like the upcoming VDS meet up in Rotterdam. It is quick, easy and cheers me up to see those free days to look forward to. Much more festive than a simple line drawn through the days, as I usually do.  I also use it to block out dates in old calendars so I can use the pages for notepaper.

I love love love this washi because it is not cutesy and fluffy. Cutesy and fluffy I love on my pyjamas but not in my work calendar. It is like stained glass though – glows from within and is really really pretty!

It is the first washi tape I have ever bought for myself. It comes from TheLovelyDesk on Etsy,  and I can recommend both the seller and the product. For me it was extra convenient to be able to buy from the UK. No customs and quicker shipping. This seller charges the same shipping no matter how much you buy which is nice. There is nothing worse than watching shipping shoot up every time you add something to your basket.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I am not a washi tape user nor a decorator myself. I only heard of washi tape last year. I just don’t get what people use it for (cover non eraseble mistakes?). However, I really love the Northern Europe tape…. I’m tempted to buy and try it out.

      1. You can use washi tape to ‘tip-in’ /attach thin things, such as business cards, pieces of paper, photos, etc. Because it isn’t permanent, you can remove or reposition easily without tearing either paper. So it does have a use, but mainly, yes, it’s pretty.

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