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I wear very little makeup – just mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. I own eye shadow, blusher and foundation for when I need to look a bit more made-up but seldom use them. Why? Because applying more makeup would take too much time, because it wears off over my very long days, and also because I am terrible at applying it. I am pale so anything more than a light veil looks like a mask (and worse) on me. I also walk a lot in wind, rain and snow so my eyes water, my nose runs, and my face gets wet.

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One thing that I have been using recently though, is Clinique Chubby Stick Eye Shadow Tint in Lots O’ Latte. It goes on quickly and easily, stays there all day and looks really good with my hazel eyes. It seems to be idiot proof which is just what I need! A small tint of colour makes a really big difference. I usually use warm and pinky browns on my eyes.

Find a really nice article and the source of this photograph here
Find a really nice article and the source of this photograph here

Author: Janet Carr

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  1. A fantastic mascara to try is Trish McEvoy’s High Volume. Worth the price. It removes easily with soap and water (for real) but does not smudge with humidity, wind, sweat, hot flashes (omg), or watery eyes. It does not dissolve into your face cleanser, it detaches from your lashes easily, quickly and perfectly cleanly in tiny black squiggles. Only when you use soap and water. No raccoon eyes, no lost lashes. It’s been a game changer and I happily forgo other cosmetics to buy this mascara.

  2. I have that same color! I like it as an everyday shade. If you want another simple Clinique color that stays on all day try Clinique’s Touch Base for Eyes. It’s can be used as a base or as a shadow. The shade I like is called “up-lighting” which is a silvery light brown that is as neutral as Lots o’ Latte–but a bit brighter. I switch off between the two. What eyeliner do you use? I use Clinique Quickliner.

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