Happy 1st Birthday Undyed Van Der Spek Binder!

At work yesterday
At work yesterday

Well, here it is, after being used every single day for a whole year. It has never been babied, in a pouch, treated with anything, cleaned or conditioned. I swiped it with a baby wipe twice over the year and that is it. It has been taken out of my bag at least twenty times a day for work and also because I use it as a wallet.

The patina is divine, the stitching has held up and the colour is glorious. Of all my binders, this one has garnered by far the most compliments. And what’s more, I have been unable to move out of it, despite the fact that I normally switch binders every two weeks.














Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Hello! Now I need an undyed cover for my hobonichi! Can you tell if the stiching is also undyed or white? Thank you in advance!

  2. @Janet

    The undyed VDS binder just keeps getting better and better……

    However, am I correct in thinking that the aging process/patina is perhaps slowing down a bit now?

    In other words do you think it is reaching a point where it is stabilizing such that there won’t be much more noticeable change to the tone or color?

    Hope this is clear……

    Thanks again for sharing!


    In case you’re interested, I have 3 custom made VDS binders that are unused that I ordered earlier this year.
    If interested, let me know. Can provide pics and info….each one is a different size, but same design and color. Just don’t need all of them.


    1. Yes it is slowing down. It could be the natural way of things or it could be that from September it gets darker and darker here in Sweden so not much light to darken it. If it is the natural way I am rather pleased because it is the most gorgeous light caramel colour and I would like it to stay like this for a while.

      1. Interesting…..and understand your feelings about it….

        So, will be interesting to see if there are any further changes at either a 1.5 year or 2 year update on this binder……hopefully you will do one…. 😉

  3. some day…. besides eBay (which I can never find these) – how would you suggest I go about looking for used Van Der Spek?

  4. This blog is the whole reason I went against my intense love for purple and ordered an undyed outside! Love how this has aged! Thank you for the update! 🙂

  5. Thank you for the post Janet! Looking at photos of well-used binders is so much fun especially this one. I could look at your earlier posts to find my answers, but where do you keep your change? Also it looks like one secretarial pocket and no back pocket? 30mm rings?

    1. No back pocket, two secretarial pockets, one front and one back. Change goes in the zipped flyleaf together with vouchers, tokens for the supermarket trolleys and spare keys. And yes, 30mm rings 🙂

      1. Thanks Janet! I LOVE your posts on this gorgeous binder! Enjoy every minute in it! Time to go hug my own! BTW, Fluffy’s tail and paw are ADORABLE!

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