12-elastic personal-sized Traveler’s Notebook

At work yesterday

At work yesterday

This beauty comes from Diane at Strawberry Notebook on Etsy who has made most of my TNs. I love her wood and flooring grained covers. They are in thick, flexible, ‘chewy’ leather and the work is all done by hand. They can take a pounding and come up smiling!

This is my first personal-sized TN and it has a whopping 12 elastics. You could stuff way more in without overhang but I have 12 in it in the pictures below and 14 in the photo above.

I use YellowPaperHouse neon tiny grid notebooks in it, one for each client.







Here are my other Strawberry Notebook wood effect notebook covers in just about every size under the sun!






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  1. This is sublime… I’m in complete awe… I had a look at the Etsy page and the TNs are not very expensive at all. The inserts are really cute too!… Decisions, decisions…

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