12-elastic personal-sized Traveler’s Notebook

At work yesterday
At work yesterday

This beauty comes from Diane at Strawberry Notebook on Etsy who has made most of my TNs. I love her wood and flooring grained covers. They are in thick, flexible, ‘chewy’ leather and the work is all done by hand. They can take a pounding and come up smiling!

This is my first personal-sized TN and it has a whopping 12 elastics. You could stuff way more in without overhang but I have 12 in it in the pictures below and 14 in the photo above.

I use YellowPaperHouse neon tiny grid notebooks in it, one for each client.







Here are my other Strawberry Notebook wood effect notebook covers in just about every size under the sun!






Author: Janet Carr

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  1. This is sublime… I’m in complete awe… I had a look at the Etsy page and the TNs are not very expensive at all. The inserts are really cute too!… Decisions, decisions…

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