Vintage Filofax leather flyleaves and other inserts

I have had these piling up for a while now but have not had time to photograph them, plus it is so dark here most of the time that you have to do your best during a few hours of daylight.

They come from two separate auctions.

The Filofax flyleaf with vertical slots and the non-Filofax condom holder came together with a huge pile of inserts, some of which I have shown here, together with Fluffy’s tail, which worms its way into almost all my photographs and in this case, knocked my items all crooked. On the plus side, his vet says he has the fattest tail of any cat she has ever met in all her years so you could be seeing history in more ways than one!

The Filofax credit card holder came in a separate auction and is something I have always wanted. Thank you Max!

Both of these sellers have read my blog and recognised my name when I paid, which made me feel rather chuffed!




Author: Janet Carr

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