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Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Love the braindead kitty…
    I love warm, sunny weather, and also do Bikram yoga (practiced in a room at about 40 degrees), but my partner has heart and lung problems and really cannot cope with heat or high humidity. We’ve had some warm, but the UK rarely approaches even 30 degrees and today it’s been raining and everything is grey and damp and cool…
    I used to work in an office building where every summer, regularly, on the hottest day the air conditioning chillers would start to fail. As the bottom two floors of the building contained expensive 24×7 electronics, all the remaining cooling capacity would immediately be switched to those floors, leaving the rest of us with no fresh air and rapidly rising temperatures. One afternoon the temperature in the office where I worked reached 31 degrees with crazy humidity and no fresh air circulation, at which point people started to flake out. Even me! Eventually the managers got hold of the special keys required and started opening windows – this was on the 9th floor! – but it was the only way to get some fresh air into the place. What annoyed me was the excuse given for the air conditioning units failing – “the system isn’t designed to cope with these kind of temperatures!”… what’s the point of having an air con system which can’t cope with the height of summer when you need it to?

  2. I understand you so well! It’s been between 36 and 40 degrees here for about a week and it doesn’t go below 28 at night. It is even much hotter on the pavements of course!
    It’s the only period of the year when l enjoy working in air-conditioned buildings.
    I could never live in countries where the temperatures are between 28 and 40 most of the year. That would kill me in no time!!
    Try to get some rest and spend a lot of time indoor drinking water (I shouldn’t be giving you advice, you’re the one from SA so you know better than l do!)

    1. It cooled down here today but now it is 19° outside and 28° inside. I would die without my fans – I have three going all the time. I am coping with lots of water and cool baths! Good luck to you too – I have read how hot it is in Paris at the moment. And it is really nice to know others dislike extreme heat. Swedes love it!

      1. 19° outside??? That is pretty cool! We have that temperature in March but after that it gradually increases. Getting 40° is not unusual but not for 6 days non stop. It usually lasts for 1 to 3 days. I find it extrely tiring and walking outside is a nightmare. Even buses are empty as it is too hot in them. People only use the underground as some station are air-conditioned.
        I wish l could live in a country where the temperatures would never go higher than 26°. I really dislike the heat and feel sick because of it.

      2. It was 36° on Friday and over 30 all weekend but suddenly a storm and rain and cool came up last night and it cooled down. Bliss! I also feel sick during the heat and I can’t sleep so I end up exhausted. My ideal temperature is 18°C 🙂

  3. I know the feeling. I hope you enjoy a relaxing summer, even though a 500 page website seems like a big translation job. I suppose that a few days relaxing, getting stuff done and reading will recharge your batteries.

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