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Honey Do Shampoo and Conditioner

I love honey – honey on toast with lashings of butter, honey tea, cheese and honey on toast, yoghurt and honey. And of course, honey beauty products. I love them because they smell cozy in the winter and sunny in the summer. They are usually rich and very moisturising.

My favourite is probably Nuxe – they do a lovely honey lip balm (below), facial cleansing gel and shower gel. They are rich and luxurious without being too sickly. And they really smell like honey.


The next was Yves Rocher Honey range – they did scented candles, fragrance (below), and a whole bath and body range. Smelled great without being overpowering. Sadly they are now discontinued – in Sweden anyway.


The next I can really recommend – Honey Do Shampoo (below) and Conditioner. They have gorgeous packaging, smell fantastic and work really well. I tend to get tired of products pretty quickly but these I used for at least six months at a stretch, which is very unusual for me!


Then finally along comes The Body Shop’s long awaited launch of Honeymania. I waited and waited for this launch and the first thing I did when it came out was to buy a shower gel and a body butter. But, unlike most people it seems, I was left underwhelmed. It seems very…meh. I like The Body Shop smells – some of them are a bit strong but in general The Body Butters smell nice, as do the shower gels. I am not sure why I have not bonded with this. It smells nice enough, is not overpowering. But it does not smell like honey – at least how I expect honey to smell. It is also not very moisturising.


Another one that did not quite gel with me was Marc Jacobs Honey fragrance. It does smell like honey but not in a way that makes me crave it.

Marc Jacobs Honey fragrance

Anyone else have any tips for honey products or any reviews on the ones I have featured above?

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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