Gigliodoro Divino A5 in two shades of brown – one with 35mm rings

I bought the darker brown A5 Divino a few weeks ago but it arrived with a set of three rings. I had chosen the darker brown over the lighter one but in my excitement I had not paid attention to the ring system. When it arrived I saw that it had three rings and I would have preferred six because all my refills are Filofax. So Victor gave me a choice – to swap the darker brown with three rings for the lighter brown with six rings, or for him to send me another set of rings which I could replace myself. You really gotta love binders with replaceable rings! It is really easy to change rings and the click you hear when the system slots into place is almost like hearing money coming out of an ATM – bliss!

I took option A AND option B. Here is the result. And a big thank you to Victor from Luxe as both of these arrived within four days.

I have some rather large changes in my life at the moment which mean that my planner needs will be changing. At the moment I am working as a language consultant which means a lot of bookings and scheduling and notes made on the run, because I am ‘out in the field’ all day. So for that I need a personal sized planner with notepaper for notes and lists, two sets of week on two pages (one for daily to dos and one for bookings) and pocket constellations enabling me to use it as a wallet.

From 15 September I will also be working full-time as a translator for a large project. This is in addition to the job above. This will mean keeping very strict notes on my hours and the project and I will be in one place (allowing me to use an A5).

I am also attempting to make efforts to improve my health – I am lucky I have a strong immune system but when I am busy I don’t eat properly, forget to take vitamins and neglect myself. So this is going to help me create better habits – it takes 21 days to change a habit and I intend to.

The pale one looks to be gold epoca and the darker one looks to be brown epoca but I am not sure how old these planners are so they may be other colours entirely. They cost €199 each from Luxecadeautjes and postage was about €8. I am operating on a one in one out policy at the moment so these are replacing my A5 grey Malden and my A5 brown Kendal.

photo 2-5
The two different shades of brown – the darker one is rich with an almost purple tinge to it and the lighter one is a dead ringer for gold epoca – it may very well be gold epoca.
photo 1-4
Absolutely gorgeous – 2 A5s with gold hardware. Look at the grain on the leather!
The one on the left now has 35mm rings and is full so you can see the size difference. And once again, wonderful leather.
photo 3-3
One has 6 x 25 mm rings and the other one has 3 x 30mm rings with leather covered backplate. Both in gold. The secretarial pockets are round on the lighter one and square on the darker ones. The back cover embossing on the lighter one is uncoloured but on the darker one is gold. The lighter one has ‘Divino’ embossed on the front under Gigliodoro.
photo 5-1
The hides are stunning!
photo 4-2
Both came with full refills – no calendar but everything else.
photo 3-4
Look how perfectly the leather on the upper backplate matches the binder.
photo 5-2
Steve Morton can replace these rings without breaking them apart but I tend to go the brutal way. I have replaced four sets of replaceable rings myself and can do it now in about 20 seconds!
photo 1-3
New 35mm rings in gold, made by Koloman-Krause, which are the best you can get.
The dark one is now full and the lighter one is holding spare refills
photo 2-4
A thing of beauty
photo 3-2

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Hi Janet, I just adopted your beautiful gold divino and I looooove it :-)! I hope it’s ok to ask here — I wonder if by any chance you still have the flyleaf for her? I surely will pay both the flyleaf and the postage to the US. Thank you!

    1. Hello there! I am not sure if that one did have a flyleaf but I will have a hunt for it when I get to my storage locker. I have moved since I sold that beauty!

      1. Thank you Janet!! I’d really appreciate you look for it when you have the chance! It is probably in your brown divino since that one’s flyleaf only has 3 rings? I’d also be interested in other old gillio/gigliodoro thingies in that magical storage room, which you are willing to let go 🙂

  2. Hi! I own a beautiful MCM binder with the same 6 ring set up and I cannot find replacement places anywhere. Would you have any recommendations?

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